At Tiger Tots Academy, we believe the best part of learning is playing. We take pride in creatively teaching our children to learn math, science, art, music, and language. Why not learn about energy by making a potato battery? Or, understand static electricity by rubbing balloons on our heads and seeing where they’ll stick? At Tiger Tots, we are definitely overrun by learning fun!

preschool curriculum

The curriculum at Tiger Tots Academy is based on the Missouri Early Learning Standards which include literacy, social/emotional development, math, science, physical development, and health and safety. Teachers use these standards as a foundation for creating lesson plans that include structured learning time, directed play and fun activities to help each child develop curiosity and school readiness.

Learning Fun

Just look at some of the learning fun we like to have:

  • Learning about solar power while making s’mores in a solar oven
  • Creating paper bag lungs to learn how Tots breathe
  • Painting with sponges while finding out about The Great Barrier Reef
  • Practicing balancing on the balance beam
  • Making brain headbands to remember that everything Tots learn stays in their brain