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Tiger Tots is a participant in the Missouri Department of Health Child and Adult Care Food Program. This program requires that healthy, well-balanced meals and snacks are served each day. Food is served family style which provides an opportunity to teach table manners and helps each child develop good eating habits.

The teachers at Tiger Tots believe children learn best in a safe, friendly and family-like environment. Many teachers have achieved or are currently working towards obtaining a degree in education or a related field. Above having a degree, each teacher is selected first based on life experience and the ability to help your child develop critical thinking skills in a fun and positive way. This selection process has resulted in a group of enthusiastic teachers who have made it their collective goal to provide a home away from home for your child.

Curriculum is based on the Missouri Early Learning Standards which include literacy, social/emotional development, math, science, physical development and health and safety. Teachers use these standards as a foundation for creating lesson plans that include structured learning time, directed play and fun activities to help each child develop curiosity and school readiness.

“I saw a positive difference in my child’s behavior after only a few days at Tiger Tots. Now I have both my children enrolled.” - Meghan F.

“When my daughter’s Kindergarten teacher told me she was at the top of her class I contributed her success to the excellent teachers at Tiger Tots. Even though my children are older now they still enjoy spending their school out days at Tiger Tots.” - Cheri D.

“You guys were absolutely great over the past few years with our son Tristan. Your facility and staff are the reason he is so prepared for school! Thank you very much!” - Neil P.

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Experience has taught us that if a variety of interesting and age-appropriate activities are available, discipline problems will be minimal. The teachers at Tiger Tots encourage independence by making each child responsible for their own property and their own behavior. Positive behavior is consistently rewarded and boundaries are well defined. An all encompassing rule in each classroom is to “treat others the way you want to be treated.”

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